African Development Choices is delighted to confirm that its first school and community project will be at Nyansakia Primary School in Kisii County, Kenya. We have partnered with the school’s Board of Management to build a water borehole, new toilets, and playground facilities within the school grounds.

The school has allocated land for the project and African Development Choices is funding the construction and maintenance of facilities through fundraising.

Nyansakia Primary School is a public school for girls and boys with over 700 learners. Its mission is to produce all round citizens that will be ready to develop their community; and this is reflected in the school motto — “Hard work pays”.

Click here to see the exact location of the school on Google Earth.

In this post (part one), we share with you the challenges facing the school and our vision for improving the facilities for the benefit of the children and the local community. In Part Two, we will update you on the impact that the project is having after completion.

The challenges facing the school

“Roughly 500 children die every day from lack of safe water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa.” *UNICEF

Though the school is well set up, it faces significant challenges including:


The learners’ parents come from humble backgrounds. Many are too poor to meet their children’s basic needs. Most of the children in these communities wear worn-out clothes and go to school bare-footed due to lack of shoes. It’s not unusual for children to survive on one meal per day.

Water and Sanitation facilities

The latrines are old, have large holes in their rusty corrugated iron walls, and pot holes in the floors. The pits are too big for small children. In a school of over 700 learners, a handful of dilapidated pit latrine cubicles is not enough. The children have to queue for a long time. Some can’t hold their bowels, so they go to toilet in the field instead.

Given that many of the learners attend school bare-footed, this puts them at great risk of disease. Both germs and hookworms can enter through the skin of bare feet. Also, the children lack access to clean water or water points.

Play facilities and equipment

There is a spacious field for the children to run around in, but it is in poor condition and full of pot holes. There are no playing facilities at the school and an extremely limited stock of play equipment. Children run around, playing with stones and skipping with ropes.  They don’t have anything to play with that will build more imaginative skills.

The solutions

“Access to safe water and adequate sanitation facilities has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of improving human health.” *UNESCO

The management and teachers at Nyanskia Primary School want to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where children are free of disease and can grow into healthy, all-round citizens that can develop their community.

These are the three key facilities that can adress the above challenges:

New toilets with water points

New toilets would create a more hygienic and less stressful toilet break experience for the learners. Young children would not fear using the toilet. If the facilities included water points where the learners could wash their hands after visiting the toilet, it would greatly reduce exposure to communicable diseases.

Clean water

Water and sanitation is at the heart of this project. A water borehole would provide the children and surrounding community with access to a clean and reliable water supply. A safe water source will ensure the children are well enough to go to school and learn. It will also help to break the cycle of illness that keeps African people trapped in poverty.

A playground and play equipment

Without purpose-build facilities and equipment, the learners can’t enhance their cognitive, physical, language, emotional and affective skills through imaginative play. If the school had a playground and play equipment, it would create a more engaging learning environment and perhaps more children would go to school.

Benefits of the project

The project will bring many direct and indirect benefits to the children and surrounding community, such as:

  • Happier and healthier children
  • Better academic and extracurricular outcomes
  • Better childhood development outcomes
  • Better water and sanitation outcomes
  • Improved well-being / quality of life
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Upskilling of local labour though free training
  • Procurement of local building materials

Our appeal to well-wishers

We ask well-wishers to assist us with this project; to help in any way that you can. The teachers at Nyansakia Primary School want to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where children can sharpen their talents. With your support, we can help make that can happen.

Be a part of the change

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